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  • Snow Plows Need Room to Groom

    The County Road Association of Michigan and the Michigan Department of Transportation unveiled a joint-education effort aimed at urging motorists to remember good driving habits in winter weather conditions. Road crews put their lives on the line every day to keep Michigan's roads safe for everyone. Motorists must remember to drive with caution no matter how much salt we use or how often the roads are plowed. Click here to download the media release

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    Motorists traveling at higher rates of speed on a freshly plowed and salted road may come up quickly upon a vehicle plowing snow or spreading salt. Every year, despite the flashing lights, this difference in speed on winter roads leads to the rear-ending of snow plows.

    Avoid the "Second Shovel": People can play a part in ensuring the ends of their driveways remain clear of snow even after their local snowplow comes through.

    Avoid the "Second Shovel": Clear an area to the right of your driveway (as seen in the attached diagram), to give give the snow on the plow a place to go other than your driveway!

    Avoid the "Second Shovel" diagram only.

    Winter Driving Safety Tips: This document provides winter safety tips for motorists, property owners and children.

    Defensive Driving in Winter Conditions: Defensive Driving is crucial year-round but winter brings additional considerations. Remember, Ice and Snow- Take it Slow!

    Winter Driving Tips for Teens- Driving on roads covered with ice or snow is a challenge for any driver. Even with years of experience, hitting a patch of ice and going into a skid is a nightmare. If these wintery conditions can cause problems for seasoned drivers, imagine how dangerous it is for new drivers who don't have years of driving experience to rely on in an emergency.

    What to Know before You’re Stuck in the Snow: The American Automobile Association (AAA) warns drivers that hard acceleration is not the way to free a car stuck in the snow. In fact, it usually makes the problem worse, digging the car deeper into the snow. Click here to see what they recommend.

    Michigan's county road agencies are working to improve roads to accommodate
    commercial vehicles, but increasing costs and declining
    revenues delay these costly improvements. To learn more about
    county road agency's funding needs, click here

    Questions or suggestions? Click here to e-mail us
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