Managing our Road Assets

Managing our Road Assets

Almost all county road agencies in Michigan use an asset management system to prioritize their human and financial resources when it comes to taking care of the roads under their jurisdiction. In times like these when funding is very deficient, many counties can't fully practice asset management as they are busy putting band-aids on the most serious problems.

In many cases, the worst roads are not the same as the highest priority roads under an asset management plan.

Leading the way in asset management and tracking the condition of Michigan roads, is the Transportation Asset Management Council.  The Council was established by the Michigan Legislature in 2002, to provide asset management tools and practices to Michigan roads agencies.  The Council has 10 voting members from Michigan's various transportation management sectors.

The TAMC produces interesting "at-a-glance" dashboard charts that show pavement and bridge conditions by county; revenue and expenditures for each county road agency; and trend data including traffic counts and traffic crashes.

Michigan Transportation Asset Management Council