CRA Standing Committees

Canvassing Committee

Mary E. Herman, Marquette, Chair

The Canvassing Committee is charged annually with the responsibility of tallying votes for positions on the Association’s board of directors. In addition, from time to time, there will be ballots for amendments to the Association’s Constitution and Bylaws.

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Commissioners’ Committee

Russell Williams, Marquette, Chair

The Commissioners’ Committee shall review questions and policies specifically related to powers and duties of road commissioners, and shall organize seminars, prepare instruction material, supervise the composition of a Commissioners’ Manual and engage in such other activities to encourage greater development of the commissioners’ role in road commission matters.

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Engineering Committee

Robert L. Lindbeck, Alger, Chair

The Engineering Committee shall review and comment on legislation, rules, regulations and criteria promulgated by the federal government or the state which in any way affects engineering principles in the design, construction, maintenance or safety of county roads. It may also make studies and recommendations to establish uniformity of engineering rules, regulations and criteria for the various road commissions.

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Finance and Human Resource Committee

John Strauss, Kent, Chair

The Finance and Human Resource Committee shall review and comment on legislation, rules, regulations and criteria promulgated which may in any way affect accounting principles, auditing requirements or business administration of road commissions. It shall assist the Negotiating Committee if requested.

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General Policy Committee

Darren Pionk, Gogebic, Chair

The General Policy Committee shall concern itself with significant relationships of the Association with one or more county road commissions or between road commissions and relationships with any person or organization outside the Association, and shall set policy on all detail matters not specifically reserved to the Board including but not limited to legislation affecting road commissions and the review and approval or disapproval of recommendations of any other standing committee with all actions of the committee subject to Board review. The Board shall, with a vote with at least eleven (11) members elected and serving, approve any General Policy Committee recommendation which would affect county home rule or county executive legislation and distribution of fuel and vehicular tax monies either through the internal or external formula. (b) The General Policy Committee may develop legislative priorities subject to Board review. The General Policy Committee will conduct an annual review of the legislative priorities, including recommendations from regional councils or individual members. Once the General Policy Committee completes its review, including recommended amendments, the legislative priorities will be forwarded to all member county road commissions for review and debate at the Association’s annual business meeting. To be approved, the legislative priorities require adoption by a majority of member county road commissions in attendance at the Association’s annual business meeting. (c) The General Policy Committee shall meet at least two (2) times each year, once in February and once in October.

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Legislative Review Committee

John H. Daly III, Genesee, Chair

The Legislative Review Committee shall provide direction on legislative matters to the Director in the intervals between the Board of Directors meetings.

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Negotiating Committee

James D. Harmon, Washtenaw, Chair

The Negotiating Committee shall carry on negotiations for the Association with agencies and departments of the state and other organizations and agencies which may culminate in an agreement with the Association, and shall make recommendations regarding such agreements.

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Nominating Committee

Walter Schell, Macomb, Chair

The Nominating Committee shall annually prepare a list of nominees for director from each of the four (4) sectional associations as identified in Article VII of this constitution and bylaws. Unless a sectional association, by resolution of its Board of Directors adopted by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of its members-elect, or by its bylaws, timely advises the Nominating Committee otherwise, the list of nominees shall include not less than two (2) nominees from each of the sectional associations. Nominations shall be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer at least sixty (60) days before the annual meeting and ballots shall be mailed to each member at least thirty (30) days before the annual meeting. (b) The Nominating Committee shall meet no later than January 7 of each year at the call of the Chairman.

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Public Relations-Education Committee

Lawrence B. Hummel, Van Buren, Chair

The Public Relations-Education Committee shall promote Association public relations strategies, at both the Association level and the county road agency level, to educate Michigan residents on the issues relevant to county road agencies.

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Resolutions Committee

Chris Sholander, Iron, Chair 

The Resolutions Committee meets at the Association's annual Highway Conference to review and approve resolution for retirements, deaths and other recognitions. The resolutions are presented at the annual business meeting for approval by the general membership.

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