The County Road Association of Michigan represents the interests and concerns of Michigan's 83 county road agencies.


About the County Road Association

Roads may be the one tie that unites all Michigan residents.  Whether you’re a licensed driver or not, roads and streets and bridges are a vital part of modern life.

Properly maintained roads allow us to get to work, the store, the doctor’s office, friends’ and relatives’ homes, vacations and most everywhere else we need or want to travel.  Roads help create and sustain jobs by allowing trucks to bring Michigan goods and natural resources to buyers around the globe.  Roads also bring food and other supplies to Michigan stores.  Roads create recreational opportunities, as well.

County road agencies are responsible for ensuring safe, efficient transportation on 73 percent of the road miles in Michigan. And having quality Michigan roads depends, to a large extent, on county road commissions and road departments.

The County Road Association (CRA) of Michigan works with all 83 county road agencies on matters of common interest.

As a member-driven organization, the CRA board and its committees work together to develop educational programming, author position papers, share industry knowledge and best practices, and collaborate on road maintenance and preservation.

Located in downtown Lansing, CRA is an active advocate for legislation and effective practices that work best for local roads.  In recent years, adequate road funding has been CRA's top legislative priority as insufficient dollars make it impossible for road agencies to properly maintain Michigan roads.

County road commissions and county departments are your neighbors in the community.   Don’t hesitate to contact them with questions on road issues.   Or contact CRA via email or telephone at 517.482.1189.

Please read on to learn more about the work and scope of the County Road Association and its member road agencies.


CRA's vision is to create a credible, unified and effective voice for a safe and efficient local road system in Michigan.


CRA's mission is to help our members promote and maintain a safe, efficient local road system in rural and urban Michigan.

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